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Lawn Overseeding and Patching #727461

Asked September 28, 2020, 12:19 PM EDT

Hi, I am about to overseed my lawn and seed dead and bare patches scattered throughout my lawn. My question is, how can I do that now, knowing that I will have to mow a number of times befoe winter? Any help will be appreciated. Thank hou, Len  Middletown,

Frederick County Maryland

Expert Response

The best time to seed is late August through mid October. Here are our pages on overseeding steps and repairing dead spots.
Overseeding is spreading seed over your entire lawn and is best done after core aeration (which provides good seed to soil contact and sites for seed germination. Begin by Testing your soil for pH, liming, and nutrient deficiencies. 
Purchase your seed - recommended turf type tall fescue cultivars for full sun to partial shade. Fine fescues such as hard fescue for shady areas. Mow the lawn short (before aeration) and follow the above steps for overseeding. You can put down a maintenance fertilizer no phosphorus and wait for soil test results to see if you have any nutrient deficiencies. Fertilizer cannot be applied later than November 15th. Fertilizing is best done in the fall. 
Follow the UME schedule for fertilizing
See our page on care and maintenance after seeding for mowing information, fertilizing, etc.


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