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What is my caterpillar? #725323

Asked September 19, 2020, 4:05 PM EDT

Found a caterpillar under my white pine while pulling some weeds. It's about twice the size of an Isabella Tiger Moth caterpillar, all black, furry, but when rolled up in a ball has red banding around it's body. Any ideas what my caterpillar is?

Kent County Michigan

Expert Response


Perhaps the giant leopard moth caterpillar-


Range: Massachusetts and southern Ontario to Florida, west to Michigan, Missouri, and Texas.

Flight: April to September.

Caterpillar Hosts: Wide variety, including banana, cabbage, cherry, dandelion, maples, orange, sunflowers, violets, and willows.

No caterpillars are poisonous in Michigan, but some people can develop a rash if they handle hairy caterpillars. 

Laura Sheffer Replied September 19, 2020, 5:04 PM EDT

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