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Ground nesting bee #724734

Asked September 17, 2020, 12:04 PM EDT

I have two nests. very small, much smaller than a honey bee, maybe 1/8 their size. Don't know if it is a bee or hornet. hole appears large, one near the mail box post, one near the base of a peach tree. very busy when disturbed by the lawn mower, but not aggressive. I have not noticed these nests until this month.

Livingston County Michigan

Expert Response

While many of our native bees do live underground, almost all of them are solitary. If you have a large nest, then it is likely not bees, but wasps. You can find out more about the most common variety here:
The nice thing is that they don't over winter, so if you can wait it out, they will be gone once it freezes.  
Meghan Milbrath Replied September 17, 2020, 12:22 PM EDT

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