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My home is infested with spiders - best option? #719909

Asked September 01, 2020, 2:43 PM EDT

Hello, My 1924 home is infested with spiders - best option? Before resorting to chemicals, I am planning to clear all webs around doors, windows, base of house, basement, and vegetation around the house weekly. I will also clear organic debris for 1-2 feet around the base of the house, and fill in any foundation cracks and the crack between my chimney and the house with spray foam. Then kill all spiders inside over the next two weeks. I am sure this won't hurt - but it will be a lot of work and am curious your thoughts on if this could be successful? Other ideas or thoughts? Thanks! Jill

Benton County Oregon

Expert Response


Your plan sounds right on!  One must block all possible entries which can be challenging with older structures.And sweeping sometimes discourages the spider from rebuilding a web in the same place.

Also consider why spiders are coming indoors. Do you have outdoor lights on after dark, such as porch, garage or along a walkway? If so, consider changing to the yellow bug lights.

Other areas which attract spiders include lighted areas, such as windows without shades or draperies. 
Jean R. Natter Replied September 02, 2020, 6:57 PM EDT

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