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table grapes and pie cherries in Central Oregon #682661

Asked March 04, 2021, 1:10 PM EST

We are interested in planting both table grapes and dwarf pie cherry trees, two of each, on our one acre property north of Sisters. What varieties would you recommend to us?

Deschutes County Oregon

Expert Response

Hello Lolly,

Thank you for your question about growing table grapes and pie cherries in our Central Oregon Climate.

Following is a link to an OSU Extension publication that reviews growing table grapes in Oregon. This document is described as: A reference for the home gardener or small-scale grower on how grapes grow; how to establish a planting; how to maintain an established planting, including pruning and training; tips for harvest; and how to reduce risk of damage to grape plants from winter cold, pests, and disease. Included is a table listing characteristics of table grape cultivars grown in Oregon, and many drawings and photographs.

In the Bend area, it is important to choose a table grape cultivar that is a cold hardy, early season variety and manage the vines to reduce risk of cold injury (see “Choosing a Cultivar” page 4-6).

Growing table grapes:

Follow the link and click on the pdf button to get the publication.

Amy Jo Detweiler, a member of the Deschutes County OSU Horticulture Faculty, recommends, “To improve fruit production select cold-hardy, short-season varieties; a site with full sun and well-drained soil; and a high spot with good air flow to reduce frost damage.”

Water-wise Gardening in Central Oregon, an OSU Extension publication authored by Amy Jo, recommends the variety of table grape Vitus lambrusca cvs, which is discussed on page 5 of the Growing Table Grapes publication cited above. Table grapes may need some protection (frost cloth) in the spring, if temperatures remain cold. Also need strong support for vining. (page 25).

Regarding pie cherries, Waterwise Gardening in Central Oregon states that “Sour cherry varieties (pie cherries) are more cold hardy than sweet cherry varieties in Central Oregon”. (p. 25)

The OSU Extension publication link, Selecting Fruit Tree Varieties for Central Oregon Landscaping and Home Orchards | OSU Extension Catalog | Oregon State University,

recommends these sour cherry varieties for Central Oregon: Danube, Montmorency, Northstar and Surefire. (table 4: Stonefruit Varieties for Central Oregon, p. 3)

The article also provides tips for successful fruit production in our climate.

The Deschutes County OSU Extension website provides a variety of gardening publications you may helpful for gardening in our climate:

Central Oregon Garden Publications | OSU Extension Service (

If you need additional information, I recommend that you can contact the Deschutes County OSU Extension office in Redmond at 541-548-6088. Ask to speak with Amy Jo or Toni Stephan, members of the Horticulture Staff. Both Amy Jo and Toni welcome your home garden questions.

Susan Preston Replied March 04, 2021, 5:17 PM EST

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