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Fruit variety for NW Ohio #682658

Asked March 04, 2021, 1:04 PM EST

Is there a publication or web page to view that lists the recommended variety of fruit trees, bushes, and brambles to grow in Northwest Ohio in Lucas County Ohio. Looking for varieties that are naturally resistant to bugs and disease and acclimated to Lucas County climate.

Lucas County Ohio

Expert Response

Thank you, James, for your question.  

I have not found any web sites or plant lists that are specific to Lucas county.  I am wondering if you plan to start your fruit producing brambles, bushes and trees for a backyard orchard or do you hope to start a fruit market?  If you are hoping to sell your fruit, then you would be considered commercial and I would need to redirect your question.

If this is for a backyard fruit/tree planting, then the following fact sheet may help you.

I also did a search on garden centers in your county.  Local growers may be your best resource for your specific county.  And don't forget your own county OSU Extension office, which you can reach through 

There may be limited office hours due to Covid restrictions, but you should be able to call the phone number on the web page and ask for help with a backyard orchard question.

I hope this helps.  Make sure to rewrite and indicate if you are planning to be commercial so you can receive specialized assistance.

All the Best!

Kathy M.

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Thanks for the article. I will following the suggestions list for my 1/2 acre backyard.

Very best regards,

James Brown

Oregon, Lucas, Ohio

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You are most welcome!


Kathryn McConkey-MGV Replied March 06, 2021, 7:51 AM EST

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