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Soil test #681532 - Ask Extension


Soil test #681532

Asked February 23, 2021, 12:19 PM EST

Can I get my backyard garden soil tested if I gather samples? I’m in Corvallis. Thanks!

Benton County Oregon

Expert Response


Under average circumstances, Master Gardener volunteer programs based on Corvallis or Tangent can do a basic pH test on your soil/substrate free of charge. Currently OSU is on limited operations and nearly everyone is working from home. If your soil test can wait and a pH test is what you are seeking I suggest contacting us again when risk in our county drops from "Extreme" to "High" or lower.

If you want to get your soil tested sooner, or need other components of your soil tested like nutrients, organic matter and cation exchange capacity (recommended for home gardens) or potential contaminants, this publication has a list of Oregon labs that offer these services for a charge:

To get the most accurate results, please collect your soil sample from several inches below the surface, to avoid organic matter like roots, grass and mulch. You can find detailed directions here:

Elizabeth Records Replied February 23, 2021, 1:44 PM EST
Thank you for the information!

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