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Soil test #681525 - Ask Extension


Soil test #681525

Asked February 23, 2021, 11:43 AM EST

Hello. I need some help. Can you explain me how I can test soil from my lawn? Where exactly I can get box for soil, where to pay for test and where I should bring this box or might be send. Thank you in advance.

Wake County North Carolina

Expert Response

Soil samples are analyzed at the NCDA Agronomic Division at 4300 Reedy Creek Road in Raleigh, which is near the Museum of Art on Blue Ridge Road. The Soil Testing lab is part of the Agronomic Division. You may pick up soil test boxes there, and the information sheets that must be submitted with them (for your contact information, sample box numbers, and "crop" being grown). Sample results are emailed to you in a link, so print your email information carefully. If you don't live close to the soil lab, you can take the soil samples from your landscape and put them into labeled bags, and then once you arrive at the lab you can pick up boxes on the back dock and fill them up there. Plastic bags are not allowed in the boxes, however. You may print the information sheet out at home using this link (, or get one and fill it out once you arrive at the lab. Sample analysis is free from April 1 through November, and costs $4 per sample during other months of the year. If your test results don't arrive in your email within 10 working days, you may search for them on their website
Taking a good sample is critical for best results - follow these instructions for collecting your sample(s) ( If you have soil testing questions you may call the NCDA Agronomic Division at 919-733-2655.
Our NC Extension Wake County Center office is located at 4001 Carya Drive in east Raleigh, off of Poole Road near the beltline. We have soil testing kits (boxes, information sheets) that you may pick up outside our front doors during the Covid-19 closures. Because we are not fully staffed in the building at this time, you may not drop your completed soil samples off at this location. Normally during the free season we provide a drop off service to NCDA as a convenience for people and they are delivered weekly to the soil lab, but at this time picking up soil test kits is the only option. For more information about our extension services, visit our website

Trish MacPherson Replied February 23, 2021, 12:22 PM EST

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