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Clover planting #681499 - Ask Extension


Clover planting #681499

Asked February 22, 2021, 10:29 PM EST

We have approximately 11 acre farm in Talbot County that has been farmed for years. Our farmer passed away last year and we cannot find a farmer interested in farming our property. I am a bee keeper and now thinking of planting mostly clover and some wild flowers. A winter wheat cover crop was planted in the fall. What do I need to do to plant clover for my honey bees? Should I have the field sprayed before planting the clover? Thanks

Talbot County Maryland

Expert Response

Hi- you will not be able to establish clover without terminating the winter wheat crop. If the wheat is only cut, it will regrow from the crowns. Conventional farmers use herbicides. Organic farmers use a roller/crimper to crush the stems. On smaller plots, they may cut the cover crop and cover the area with tarps to terminate the crop (search "tarping cover crops" to learn more). 

Some resources that may be useful:

You may also want to contact Emily Zobel (, your county ag educator.


Jon Traunfeld Replied February 23, 2021, 8:03 AM EST

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