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Mimosa or silk tree #681493 - Ask Extension


Mimosa or silk tree #681493

Asked February 22, 2021, 8:27 PM EST

This October i put systemic powder on the ground around the tree's drip line, because it has dusty white mold on all of the tree. It now has bumps that are brown and a few pink. I'll send a picture....

Lane County Oregon

Expert Response

I think I see the various bumps you are trying to show me in the images of your Mimosa tree. The bumps I see in the image of the trunk are quite normal and of no concern. We call these lenticels and it is where gas can be exchanged between the outside air and inside the tree. (They don't have lungs like we do.)

The brown bumps on the limbs are similar but the images are a bit out of focus. The pink and/or orange bumps are something to note. Those are fruiting bodies of a fungus called Nectria and indicate a dead branch. Those are common on mimosa trees that have branch dieback from winter or other injuries. Just cut off the branch this spring after the tree begins to leaf out. You can read about this condition on maple (a similar situation) here:

Jay Pscheidt Replied February 23, 2021, 9:33 AM EST

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