winterizing potted geraniums in the garage in Minnesota #677592

Asked 2020-11-21 15:58:54

prior to the first frost i remived all the blossoms and cut back the stems about one third, removed the geranoum from the pot, removed most of the dirt from the roots,let dry for 2 days and placed them in brown paper bags with the root base pointing up. . after 3 weeks I opened the paper sacks and removed the plants. i noticed several of the stems had turned brown on their tips I cut some of the tips back to where i could see green again. i also sprayed water on the dirt and roots. My question is it okay to leave the tips brown and can i quit watering the roots until i repot them in freash potting soil next spring. . in other words should i just leave them alone or do i continue to water the roots and check the yips of the stems?

Hennepin County Minnesota

Expert Response

For an answer to your question, go to the following websites and read the information about dormant storage and storing bare root geraniums:

If the plants are stored in a garage, be sure the storage temperature remains above freezing--40-50 degrees is ideal.

Bob Bystrom Replied 2020-11-21 16:13:12

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