Wintering Summer Crush Hydrangea #676371

Asked 2020-10-17 20:28:58

We have a potted summer crush hydrangea we would like to keep for next summer. It is outside and the last blooms are now brown. It has been watered every day until the past few days. What steps should I take so we can enjoy it next year? Bring it into the garage or basement over the winter months? Leave it outside on the south side of the house? Deadhead now or next spring? Continue watering until....? Thank you for your help

Dakota County Minnesota

Expert Response

You will need to bring the pot inside for the winter because the pot will freeze solid and you will lose not only the plant, but maybe the container.

You can deadhead the hydrangea, but don't prune it unless there are dead branches. These hydrangeas flower on both "new" wood and "old" wood, so it you prune you will have less blooms next year.

You can keep the plant in either the basement or garage. Water the container and mulch it to hold the moisture. Check on it occasionally to make sure it doesn't dry out over the winter and water if needed. In the spring set it outside when there is no danger of frost (about the middle of May) in a sheltered area and water and fertilize. When it starts to leaf you can move it to its place for the summer.

Paul Wood Replied 2020-10-18 13:05:53

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