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Asked 2020-10-17 18:19:03

I host a podcast about American rationing in WWII. I'm doing an episode about wartime canning, and I'd like an expert's advice on canning using vintage recipes. I am planning on discouraging people from using old recipes because of unsafe canning practices then, but I wanted to get the most current stance about it, reasons why we don't use old recipes, and if people want to try an old recipe if there are safe ways to go about it. Any advice would be most welcome. I came across an article stating that it's not wise to use canning recipes prior to 1994 because canning science is much safer after that point. Would you say the same? Thank you for your time. Sarah

Frederick County Maryland

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Please give Shauna Henley ( / 410 887-8090) a call or email for expert advice on this topic.

Koralleen Stavish Replied 2020-10-18 02:25:44

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