Is it recommended to freeze wild hog meat to kill organisms #675815

Asked 2020-10-02 13:23:59

Good Morning, We are curious if you recommend freezing hog meat before cooking it to minimize organisms? If there is any benefit to freezing, how long should it be frozen for? Thank-you for your help and insight

Montgomery County Texas

Expert Response

Thanks you for the submission.  That is a question that can be answered by the FCH (Family and Community Health) Department in our office.  I am in Horticulture... and have hunted and been eating feral hogs all my life.  This is a great publication that has good information.  Mainly on how to handle the processing and minimize the risk.  The process of cooking is what eliminates long as the meat is cooked to the appropriate temperature.  Let me know if you have additional questions. USDA has this to say about freezing foods. Not specifically pigs..but more based on organisms in foods. another bit of info.
Michael Potter Replied 2020-10-02 15:18:20

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