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Northern Red Oak #663288

Asked July 12, 2020, 7:13 PM EDT

My northern red oak has had a disease for 3 years in primarily the east side of the tree. The leaves high in the tree are not effective. The closer to the ground, the worse the disease. The west side of the tree is not affected. Initially the leaves are healthy. Late spring, some of the leaves start to die at the edges. As time goes on, the leaves become dry and crisp.

Wayne County Michigan

Expert Response


You will need to have a professional diagnosis to confirm what this is. Here are  some possibilities. From your description bacterial leaf scorch is a strong possibility-

Bacterial leaf scorch


 During covid19 the MSU Plant and Pest Diagnostic lab asks you email your pictures and question to first. They will request plant samples if they need them. See the instructions, fee schedule and submittal form here-

 A second way to get a diagnosis is to hire a certified arborist. These professionals  have taken training in care, diseases, pests and passed certification tests. He/she will come on site and give a complete diagnosis and a plant care plan. Find certified arborists by zip code here—-

 If this is bacterial leaf scorch, you may need the services of the arborist to treat the tree with the correct  antibiotic. In any case, the arborist can make suggestions to improve the tree’s growing conditions (such as root zone aeration, vertical mulch, increasing the mulch circle around the tree) and  has the special equipment to treat trees of this size.





Laura Sheffer Replied July 12, 2020, 8:57 PM EDT

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