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all about gnats! #663156

Asked July 12, 2020, 1:09 PM EDT

Is there any way to get gnats out of my property. You do not see them but they bite. They seem to be out more in the afternoon. I have trees gardens and not a lot of sun. Live on GOLD MINE road in Brookeville, 2083. they make my eyes swell, I have taken to wearing glasses outdoors. Cannot eat on the deck as they fly around your head. spray, lemon juice, put down irish spring soap. I am out of ideas. LOVE my flowers and want to be out with them! any answers would be so appreciated.

Montgomery County Maryland

Expert Response

Gnats are a type of small fly and all flies need moisture for a period of their lifecycle. Gnat problems will be worse in wet seasons and less so when it is drier. We do not recommend any type of lawn spray or fogger for controlling gnats. They can fly in or blow in from surrounding areas so sprays are not an effective long-term solution.

You can try to clear up sources of moisture around your home (clean gutters, cover trash bins, minimize watering).
We recommend that you try to dry up any damp areas in the yard by filling in low areas where water sits (or make those areas into rain gardens so the plants will absorb the water) or changing the grade. Prune or clear up overgrown areas --especially non-native invasive plants--to encourage better air circulation and faster drying.

Wear protective clothing and repellants. Using a small fan near where you sit outdoors is also a way to keep gnats away temporarily.



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