2 problems.. something eating the base of garden plants and beetles eating my squash #654871

Asked 2020-06-23 13:32:08

Hi 1- how do I stop something? From eating the base of my onions, pease, beans etc? A striped gopher is by the garden..? 2-beetles are eating the squash leaves..they have yellow stripes and black bodies Thx for your help

Pine County Minnesota

Expert Response

The insects on the squash are striped cucumber beetles. They usually only feed on the lower leaves of the plant. There are various cultural strategies for managing them, and a few pesticides that can be used. But if you use a pesticide, follow the label as to timing around harvest. Here is a reference which contains all the information you need:

The photo of the onion does not show anything that I can identify, and I don't know about your peas or beans (no photo). Check this site:

Gophers will eat crops, especially root crops like carrots, although I don't think they'd like onions. But I'd have to have more information to decide if you have a gopher problem:

Dennis White Replied 2020-06-30 19:48:01

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