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Holiday cactus #650236

Asked June 13, 2020, 8:01 AM EDT

Zone 7a Baltimore MD This is an *old* holiday cactus, sitting in a northwest corner of my house for the past 18 months. It has thrived and bloomed over and again through that time. I changed the soil in its pot somewhere over the past couple of months, and in the past 1-2 weeks, I’ve noticed some changes to the new leaf growth, as well as a difference in the texture of the leaves. It is still sprouting many baby leaves, and doesn’t appear to have rot at the base. I have had some issues with fungus gnats in other plants, but have gotten that under control. I am concerned for thrips, but have no experience with them. This is a special, generational plant that means a lot to me. I would appreciate any insight or advice you can offer.

Baltimore County Maryland

Expert Response

This does not look like thrips damage.  

Since you repotted with new soil fairly recently, we wonder whether the new soil is retaining more water.  The symptoms may be edema.  Their soil should be sandy or well-draining.

Fungus gnats can indicate soils that are staying too wet. Search 'fungus gnats' on our website.

Try cutting back on the watering.  Only watering when the top 1" of soil is dry.  Water less when it is not actively growing.  


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