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Red Bud tree has developed a fungus (?) at the ends of the limbs #648900

Asked June 10, 2020, 1:52 PM EDT

1. Please identify whether or not you believe the tree has developed a fungus, and if so, what would be the appropriate treatment? 2.My son's front yard has been overtaken with what I believe to be nut grass. With the picture I have provided, could you confirm my suspicion?

Anne Arundel County Maryland

Expert Response

Your tree is not a red bud but looks like perhaps a somewhat new variety of crapemyrtle that has deep burgundy leaves. (Ornamental plum, and purple leaf sand cherry are also possibilities.)
We do see what is called powdery mildew which is the white on the leaves. Crapemyrtle are quite susceptible to the disease powdery mildew, and we are seeing a good deal of it this year as conditions were just right this spring.

Here is our page on it:
For what we are seeing right now, we would just suggest that you prune out the worst affected branch tips.

As far as the grass, it does not appear to be nutsedge, a.k.a. nut grass. Nutsedge is not a grass, but has angles on the stems that you can feel if you roll it between your thumb and finger. (An easy to remember rhyme is "sedges have edges").
Here is our page on Nutsedge:

It may be one of the grassy weeds shown on this page:
but definite i.d.s of grasses is complicated from photos.


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