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Busy bees #621727

Asked April 06, 2020, 8:27 PM EDT

Our visiting bees appear smaller than honey bees. They enter the sill under a utility room door and between the decks slats under the sill. They are in, appear covered with pollen, and out quickly and not interested in hanging around us as we watch. They have been here in previous years but never entered the area described above. Any ideas?

Harford County Maryland

Expert Response

There are a plethora of native solitary or communally-nesting native bees in our area. Which kind you have visiting is hard to tell, but perhaps they are investigating exposed crevices for nesting potential. (They do not build a hive, so it would not be a personal safety concern.) You are welcome to send us photos if you can get a bee to hold still long enough and we can see if we can narrow it down to family. You could also send us a photo of where they are coming in (far enough away that we can see the surrounding structures; on your phone's photo-editing software you might be able to use a finger to draw a circle the spot and save it as the picture).

Overall this should be a harmless phenomenon that should stop once the bees are finished provisioning their brood cells (wherever they are located) with pollen. How long they stay and whether or not they continue to construct nests may depend on what exactly they're up to inside the room.


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