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Leafgro ? #621432

Asked April 05, 2020, 10:19 PM EDT

I am planting a vegetable garden. I was thinking of adding "leafgro" from a local nursery. Most descriptions of "leafgro" say that it contains composted grass clippings. How do I know if those composted grass clippings have been heavily poisoned with "chemlawn" chemicals? Therefore, is "leafgro" not safe for a vegetable garden? thank you,

Montgomery County Maryland

Expert Response

Leafgro undergoes testing to ensure that it does not have residual levels of herbicides which would affect growth. Leafgro is primarily fallen leaves.  Most people no longer collect grass clippings as it is better for a lawn to let grass clippings decompose and feed a lawn.  

We know of no research that indicates Leafgro is a problem in vegetable gardens. 


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