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Large maple trees. #615846

Asked March 05, 2020, 5:09 PM EST

I've bought a house with large maple trees. I want to keep them healthy and happy. Someone said they are dying. I know nothing about trees. Please help.

Macomb County Michigan

Expert Response

If you know who said your trees are dying, ask them why he/she/they say that.  Individual branches sometimes do die off on older trees, but often does not mean the tree is dying.  There isn't much more we can say at this time, until such time that problems occur. 

Not to scare you, but there are many things that can cause stress for trees, numerous insects and diseases, lack of water, soil issues, weather, improper planting near driveways and walks to name a few.  There are books on tree care that can help you learn more.

Good luck!  
John Harville Replied March 05, 2020, 9:41 PM EST

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