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Late blooming or fireblight susceptible apple cultivars #610683

Asked January 17, 2020, 8:39 AM EST

I am trying to find out information about late blooming or fireblight susceptible Apple cultivars. I am grafting many different heirloom and modern apple cultivars onto g11 rootstock.

I also am looking for bloom period charts for the various apple cultivars.  I want to organize my plantings by bloom so I can reduce potential fireblight infections 

 I live in Myersville MD.

Frederick County Maryland

Expert Response

Here is a very thorough Apple Pollination Chart:

Here is our short list of recommended apple varieties, noting disease resistance:

Here is one list of fire blight resistant apples:
There are many others. You may want to look on the national extension website:  where there is much more information. 
Go to Resources, then in the drop down box, click on  Search Extension. 



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