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Getting. Rid of moles #608686

Asked December 17, 2019, 5:00 PM EST

There is a mo!e tearing up my yard. We have tried the poison pellets and gas sticks. It has not worked. He is circling my vegetable and herb garden. Of course it's winter but I would like it gone. Can you suggest something? Thanks, Marisa

Baltimore County Maryland

Expert Response

Hello Marisa,

Unfortunately, there are no easy solutions when it comes to mole control. Moles feed on a variety of soil insects like earthworms and grubs. They are more a nuisance in the spring and fall when soil moisture levels are higher and prey are closer to the surface of the soil. (And we certainly had high soil moisture levels the first half of this year.) Although grubs are a food source, we do not recommend using a grub control to control moles because it does not effectively reduce mole activity - moles feed on other available food sources such as earthworms, making grub control ineffective. Alas, repellents also have a limited success rate and are not recommended.

Moles usually move on when their food supply and habitat changes. Tamp down raised tunnels with your foot whenever they appear and the ground is not soggy. Some reseeding may be required if the tunnels were in lawn. As a last resort you can use a lethal trap to control moles. For more information see publication on Nuisance Wildlife for information on moles.

This page has a bit more information, including figuring out where to set traps in the tunnel system.

Voles are often culprits when moles are suspected. Here are our pages on vole behavior: and Essentially, trapping may also be the most effective solution with voles as well. (Vole info. is on page 5 of the linked Nuisance Wildlife document above.)


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