Blueberry plants #603158

Asked 2019-10-19 00:27:37

I have fuzzy yellow and brown caterpillars in my blueberry plants. Many of the plants now have browned leaves pasted together with what appears to be eggs stuck in between. I have also found some light colored egg pods. What insect is responsible - or are they part of the caterpillar life cycle?

Prince George's County Maryland

Expert Response

The caterpillar looks like a Yellow Bear, a Virginian Tiger Moth.  This is a common caterpillar on plantings in yards and gardens and there is variation in color.  We can not say what the brown caterpillar is as there are no photos.  If the infestation is light, it is late in the season and no control is necessary. They are getting ready to pupate.  If the infestation is heavy, you can handpick and drop in soapy water. 

The middle and right photos were out of focus and cannot say what you are dealing with.  You can handpick the leaves and discard. 


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