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overseeding sandy-based lawn in Lake Orion #559153

Asked May 07, 2019, 12:38 PM EDT

Hello - 3 weeks ago, we used some Scott's seed products (Dense or Sun/Shade) for overseeding. We failed to "scratch" the surface when we put down the seed. We've had lots of warm temps and rain, but very little seed sprouting. Please advise what we did wrong and how we can overseed our yard at this time. Thanks

Oakland County Michigan

Expert Response


Good soil contact is important. Once the seed is wetted it is important to not let it dry out, even if that means watering it when rain isn’t expected. Seed should be fresh and not too old, or lower germination will occur.

So, you are right, a good raking before you seed, and perhaps a top dressing of a thin layer (1/4 inch) of compost would be in order. On a sandy soil you should get a soil test so you know what your organic matter percentage is (you want about 5%), and how much fertilizer is needed. 

Here are some References for you that can be helpful-especially the first one-






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Laura Sheffer Replied May 07, 2019, 4:56 PM EDT

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