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Is alpaca manure acceptab... #547036

Asked March 14, 2019, 6:13 AM EDT

Is alpaca manure acceptable for vegetable gardening? If so what does it enrich the soil with? How do I apply it to container gardening as well as direct sow

Mahoning County Ohio

Expert Response

Hi -

Fresh and non composted manure is not acceptable for growing vegetables when applied just before or during the growing season.

It IS acceptable if it is composted for use during the rowing season. A guide with some basic information is located at:
A guideline for using composted manures is located at: 

Another one that will help is  specific to horse manure, but will work for alpaca manure as well: 

You can apply fresh manure in the fall. It is suggested that you till it into the soil. For alpaca specifically - this is necessary to break down the fresh manure. Applying at this time will allow it to break down during the rest of the fall, through the winter and spring in time for the next season.

Alpaca manure will enrich the soil with organic matter. That is the biggest benefit. Some general information relating to alpaca manures can be found here: 

You should use a soil test to determine the nutrient needs of the soil and to get an idea of the organic matter content. We offer soil testing locally. Detailed information is at 

Eric Barrett Replied March 14, 2019, 9:23 AM EDT

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