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Black slime mold in my yard #505810

Asked November 26, 2018, 10:40 PM EST

Black slime mold in my yard Will it hurt my dog if he eats it.this is where they go out to use the bathroom.iam Preston West Virginia 

Marion County West Virginia

Expert Response

Hi and thank you for your question. Based upon your description of black slime mold I am guessing that you may be dealing with a type of algae but I cannot say for sure or answer your more direct question of harming the dog without a positive identification. To try to help with the identification you can either bring a sample to your local office in Kingwood. 115 West Court Street, 304-329-1391 or you can email pictures and we can attempt to identify and give you an answer from those. The agent in Preston County is Bill Shockey and you can email him at

I am located in Grafton. If you want to email pictures to me also you can. It would probably be easier to email directly than through the eXtension system. My email if it does not show up with this response is If one of the neighboring county offices is more convenient for you, you can also work with them. There is an office in each county in WV. You can go to the website to get the address and contact information for each office if another office would be more convenient.

John Murray Replied November 28, 2018, 12:16 PM EST

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