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Juniper and Holly Disease #489563

Asked October 10, 2018, 12:57 PM EDT

My 20+ year old landscape bed with junipers and two holly bushes have been infected with disease. I have removed two or three of the junipers and planted some daffodils in their place - one holly bush I have been spraying with a fungicide and cutting back the diseased sections but still more sections die. I am thinking about planting some new junipers to replace the diseased ones I pulled out - but I am concerned that they may get infected with whatever is causing the others to die. See attached pictures. Should I just pull out all of the junipers and start over new? If I do this, do I need to treat the soil in any way before I plant the new junipers or do I even need to do soil replacement? Suggestions, please.

Frederick County Maryland

Expert Response

The junipers probably have one or both of the main fungal blights.  Here is what you need to know:  You cannot treat the soil. 

We can't say what is affecting the hollies, though there do appear to be black canker areas on some of the branches. If the hollies are experiencing a lot of soggy soil or standing water from our abnormally high rainfall, they may have a root rot. If you send close-ups of the cankers or other symptoms on the hollies, we may be able to give you a more definitive diagnosis.  


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