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Pebble-sized pieces clogging my septic tank effluent filter #485587

Asked September 18, 2018, 10:51 AM EDT

Hi. Thanks for helping me with this. Over the years, I've talked with people at septic companies, well companies, other universities, dept of environment people, etc. Everyone says they've never seen this and no one has had a suggestion. I did happen to check back recently on a forum thread I started 5 years ago. The last response, from last year, seems to have some substance to it, so I'm hoping for corroboration or some other explanation and solution. For a quick summary, please see the beginning and end of the thread: The pieces are in suspension in the effluent, so the filter gets completely packed and clogged. I have to check the filter about every 2 weeks. For some reason, I haven't had the problem for several months during the past 2 winters. Can you recommend a lab to have the pieces tested, if you think that would be helpful? Thanks again for any insight or suggestions you have.

Howard County Maryland

Expert Response

That is beyond what we do here at the Home and Garden Information Center, but we suggest getting in touch with our State Extension Specialist - Water Quality, Andy Lazur.

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