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Identify grass/weed in lawn #477419

Asked August 11, 2018, 1:55 PM EDT

Hello, Would you please identify this grass in my lawn?It starts out green every spring and turns brown in August. It has a long stem, brown on the bottom and the top is like a little green tree. The patches are full and thick.Very rough feel to it. If identified, please provide a treatment that would get rid of this. Thank you, Holly Jones

Baltimore County Maryland

Expert Response

It is not possible to id the weed from your photos.
Here are a couple possibilities for you to look at:

Poa trivialis:

In general, it is difficult to selectively kill grassy weeds in lawns without damaging the surrounding grass. This would be a good time to kill the patches with a non-selective herbicide and reseed them.
If you notice the weed next season send us a photo as soon as you see it.


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