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What kind of bug is it? #462410

Asked June 14, 2018, 4:32 PM EDT

Hi there, could you please tell me what kind of bug is this? I found it on the countertop in our kitchen. I found 2 already on the same spot. I have a dead citrus plant on the counter and some water dripping from the ceiling. Its not a lot. Below it and beside the plant, I put a towel on the counter and it dries up pretty quick. This is the 1st time ive seen this bug and it looks like a tick. I am not an expert but I googled how ticks look like. It looks almost similar to what I found. Please let me know as soon as possible since I am panicking right now. Ive heard stories about ticks and it sounds pretty scary.

Ramsey County Outside United States

Expert Response

Thank you for your question,

Please don't worry about this bug being a tick. It is NOT. It may be the immature stage of a roach. This means that the bugs need to be killed as soon as you see them because they may contaminate your food with bacteria.

Information on ticks can be found below:


I hope this helps,

Jaime Pinero Replied June 15, 2018, 9:12 AM EDT

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