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Shedding Bradford #460541

Asked June 07, 2018, 6:06 PM EDT

I have had a nice Bradford Pear tree in my yard for many years. Last year, I noted that it was shedding a few leaves almost every day, Spring through the Fall when it finally dumped them all. This year, the shedding continues and appears worse. I have to rake them up before I can mow - they are that thick on the grass. The outer leaves appear to be OK - the shedding appears to come mostly from the inner leaves. Is there an issue I need to resolve or is this natural?

Anne Arundel County Maryland

Expert Response

Bradford pears are known to get fire blight and rust diseases. (Search 'fireblight' on our search box.) We need more information to give you a diagnosis. Can you describe the falling leaves for us?  Do they have spots or blotches? Size, shape, color, etc.  Do the leaves turn yellow before they fall?  

Are there any other symptoms, such as browning branch tips? 

A photo of the entire tree and close-ups of the leaves attached to a reply would be very helpful. 

Thanks for the information.  I have also 'googled' my situation and found other information.
Am including pictures of the full tree, a shot of the ground under the tree w/two days of fallen leaves, and a pix of several leaves that fell.
The tree appears in good shape with no 'damage' to branches, tips, etc. aside from what the squirrels do to it.  About all the leaves that fall have one or more blackened edges (see pix). 
Hope this helps.
The Question Asker Replied June 10, 2018, 2:56 PM EDT
It is not unusual for trees to drop extra leaves.  We cannot say for sure if the foliage that shows some yellow/browning may be due to a possible disease or it is physiological in nature.  It is possible the tree may be stressed - soil compaction, poor drainage, etc.  We recommend that you continue to monitor the health of the tree and send us additional photos if necessary.  Rake up fallen leaves and dispose of in the trash.


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