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2 Questions: 1. Fertilizer, 2. Gopher or Vole #459725

Asked June 05, 2018, 9:49 AM EDT

Hi, My first question is in regards to fertilizer/pre emergent treatment for my grass. I had a company come out and spray for me this spring. They sent me the invoice, and the invoice is double the price of what I expected. The reason for this, the invoice says, is that they did a "double treatment" because of the late spring? Is there really any benefit to a "double treatment" at the same time? I'm worried its a little shady... Second question: I have a critter, or critters, in yard that are digging things up. I cant tell if its a gopher or vole. One hole was large, so I thought gopher, but some of the others are quite small, so I'm not sure. I have attached photos. Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

Washington County Minnesota

Expert Response

People (and lawn care companies) generally do three things in the spring: fertilizer, herbicide for broadleaf weeds, and preemergent for perennial grasses. The first two are often packaged together in a "weed and feed" mix. Sometimes all three are packaged to gether. You should not make a "double application" of fertilizer or of broadleaf herbicide. However, the preemergent might have to be repeated because of weather issues.

So you should find out what product was applied, what is on the label, and what the application rate was. A "double application" of a weed-and-feed product would be unusual - and possibly illegal, if it did not follow the labeled application rates.

As for your second question, I'll refer you to these websites, which are a great help for identifying burrowing critters (the last from Clemson includes armadillos, which you can exclude):

Dennis White Replied June 05, 2018, 2:17 PM EDT

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