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Hello! We planted a Redb... #457974

Asked May 29, 2018, 10:54 PM EDT

Hello! We planted a Redbud tree about a month ago, and it was doing beautifully until a few days ago when we noticed yellowing of leaves and wilting. I checked the soil and it’s moist. We did get quite a bit a rain this past week. Could it be over watering? Please help !

Denver County Colorado

Expert Response

Several things come to mind from looking at your images and your description. Obviously, the transition from the nursery to your planting bed has caused a shock. Is the tree getting direct sun? They prefer partial shade but depending on how it was previously shaded, might fine full sun a little extreme before it gets established. Could it have been planted too deep? You should be able to see the swell of the larger roots right at the soil surface - any deeper, and the tree looks like a stick in the ground and it is possible the roots are being suffocated. This goes for the watering as well. Moderate moisture on well-drained soils is the preferred condition for redbud. Constant soaking can be hard on the root system. Was the plant containerized or was it "balled and burlapped". Containerized trees sometimes go through a planting shock more dramatic then trees that are dug and balled. You might review best planting practices from Colorado State University (https://static.colostate.edu/client-files/csfs/pdfs/TreePlanting_636.pdf) to see if there are any measures you might have done better.
David Appel Replied May 30, 2018, 9:28 AM EDT

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