Established Columbine plant not blooming #455640

Asked May 21, 2018, 2:33 PM EDT

I have several Columbines in my courtyard, full sun, they are established plants, planted next to each other. Several of the plants are blooming or getting ready to bloom while this one is not. It has grown into a lovely, bushy, healthy plant but no blooms. Why?

Oakland County Michigan

Expert Response


There are only a few things that may stop columbines from blooming. First, the plant must be at least two years old. Next, if this plant was planted too deeply or the crown is buried too deeply in mulch, it may not bloom. Lastly, if this plant is somehow getting too much nitrogen it will be encouraged to grow lots of leaves at the expense of flowers. 

Check the crown (the point at which the stems sprout from the roots) and reset the plant so that the crown is at soil level, if needed. Pull back the mulch from the stems. Do not add any nitrogen fertilizer for the remainder of the season to this plant. I hope it blooms for you next year, if not then consider replacing it. 

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