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Possible Bedbug Infestation — how to search? #453623

Asked May 13, 2018, 9:59 AM EDT

Hi, We went camping in the William Hauk area in Fred Co on Saturday, May 5. In our cabin around 10pm, I saw a couple of small (5mm) brown insects that I dismissed as German cockroach nymphs. Unfortunately, both my wife and daughter have over the last 24 hr (May 12-13) developed large numbers of red, itchy bite marks mostly in lines along the legs and arms. We now suspect that the insects were bedbugs. We are concerned (terrified?) that they may have come home in luggage and taken up residence. Questions: (1) How visible are bedbug signs? We’ve inspected all luggage. I looked for signs of bugs, shed skins, eggs, poop stains. I didn’t find anything BUT I don’t know what I might be overlooking. (2) We’ve inspected mattresses on surfaces and in edge-ridges. Are there other favorite places we should look? (3) Give the timeline (bugs encountered May 5, bites manifested May 12-13), is it more likely that these bites were delivered in the cabin, or by insects now residing in our house? (4) Any additional advice for finding and eliminating bedbugs? I’ve already read your website, and we will probably contact an exterminator within 48 hr if additional bites manifest. Thank you VERY much, 

Frederick County Maryland

Expert Response

These look like the bites of the Lone Star ticks.  These bites are characteristic of their biting pattern--they each make multiple bites (very itchy.)  Unfortunantely, they carry several serious diseases, so you should contact your physicians immediately for treatment.
Also, do a thorough body search for any attached ticks.

Click here for more help (it includes lone star ticks): https://extension.umd.edu/hgic/deer-black-legged-and-wood-ticks



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