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Wisteria vine #450765

Asked April 30, 2018, 10:05 PM EDT

Hello! My name is Lisa Bishop and I have a wisteria vine that my great grandmother planted over 80 years ago. It is probably 60 feet high, growing up a wild cherry tree. Of course, we love it but we are wondering if it is special due to its age and size. We would also love to take cuttings from it for family members and could use some pointers. Any help or information that you can give us is greatly appreciated. Phone. 606-571-0089

Carter County Kentucky

Expert Response

Here is some information regarding wisteria. The Ohio State University Extension has but together a nice fact sheet that includes some information on how to take cuttings: https://hvp.osu.edu/pocketgardener/source/description/wisteria.html.  Take note that new plants may take up to 10 years to bloom. More detailed and step-by-step instructions on rooting cuttings can be found here: http://homeguides.sfgate.com/root-wisteria-start-67650.html.  This is a commercial site and while I have reviewed the information on rooting cuttings of wisteria, I do not endorse any of the adds associational with the site.  Wisteria are remarkable in size and age.  There are reports of plants approaching 150 years old in Japan.  There is a notable plant in southern California (in the Sierra Madre area) that is over 120 years old and is considered by some to be the largest flowering vine in the world. 

Good luck with your wisteria.

Rick Durham Replied May 08, 2018, 1:26 PM EDT

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