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Windfall Trees #446928

Asked April 09, 2018, 12:09 PM EDT

Hi. We had several large oak and pine trees fall in the wind storms recently. They are in a wooded part of our property. We need to have them brought down properly (some lean on other trees), but we think they would be valuable as lumber. They are at least 2' in diameter and 70' to 100' in length. Are there groups or businesses that would harvest these newly fallen trees? Or do we just get someone with a chainsaw to cut them up? Thanks for your help.

Frederick County Maryland

Expert Response

If you know the species of trees, you could call a lumberyard near you.  Also, you can ask a tree service about it, if you are hiring one.  In most case the wood is not valuable as lumber.  

Fallen trees are extremely valuable for wildlife however.  If you can cut the snagged trees and leave them where they fall, that would be ideal environmentally.  Many bird and animal species use the trees, and they decompose and settle into the forest floor fairly rapidly while feeding and housing wildlife.  (It's a lot cheaper than hauling them out, too.)   


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