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Establishing a Lawn #430815

Asked October 10, 2017, 8:36 PM EDT

My front yard is was a mess, and I wanted to regrade it and the garden beds. So I had 12 cu yards of soil/compost mix delivered. So now the old lawn, that was full of weeds and broad leaf greenery as well as grass if half covered with soil. I was thinking it'll be a wet mess if I just leave it as is until spring, so I was thinking of seeding it with fescue (it's a partial shade area with 3-5 hours of sunlight a day. I want to be sure to be able to treat it in the early spring to kill off all the non-grass, though a make it an attractive lawn. What do you recommend? Also if I'm going to seed it now, what's the best way to do that over top soil?

Howard County Maryland

Expert Response

This is not a recommended way to establish a lawn.  We do not think that the seed will establish through the existing grass and soil.  It may germinate but will not establish.  You need good seed to soil contact.  IF you cannot rototill the area,  then core aerate first. Sow a fine fescue such as a hard fescue for part shade areas.
Keep watered and cover with straw to prevent erosion and keep the birds off.  It is getting late in the season for lawn renovation. See our publication for lawn renovation and overseeding.
You should also test your soil  


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