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brown area on arbovitae #427979

Asked September 21, 2017, 1:29 PM EDT

Two arborvitae trees were planted by a landscaper at the end of June this year. About two week later an area turned brown at the tips of the branches. (see photo). the other areas of the tree are green. The branches behind the tips are green. Should we do anything or just wait to see what happens? Also, what about fertilizer. We have been watering consistently except for one week that we were away..

Howard County Maryland

Expert Response

Thank you for the photo. This is early fall color and normal shedding on the interior of the plant. If a plant is under stress in any way, that can cause early fall coloration. Your plant is relatively new and still getting established; transplanting is stressful on a plant. We do not recommend fertilizing. Just give it time and let it get established. Keep watering when you have dry weather. That will help the roots get established. Next year, the plant will be a little thinner, but this symptom you are seeing is normal.

You might be interested in this video by our plant pathologist, in which he explains the normal browning of foliage that occurs in evergreens.


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