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Baptisia -leaves discoloring #415038

Asked July 18, 2017, 7:55 AM EDT

Help me identify what is causing the leaves to discolor. The Baptisia are planted in full sunlight. They were planted last fall. They are currently about 2 ft. tall. They are being watered ...not over watered. It's July and we've been having lots of very hot, humid days. Thanks.. East Bethesda

Montgomery County Maryland

Expert Response

The photo was not in focus. We would like to see more photos and more information so we can see what you may be dealing with. Send photos of the whole plant as well as affected leaves.
How much of the foliage is affected?  In general these plants do not look that great this time of the year.

Baptisia leaf Discoloration- It is affecting most of the plant. I am sending three pictures. I hope these are clearer. I was using my IPhone to take the picture. I enhanced them with I Photo. Hope this helps.
The Question Asker Replied July 18, 2017, 5:04 PM EDT
The little white flecks are Rabbit Be Gone which I had broadcast earlier in the day. My phone number is 240 678 5660 Linda
The Question Asker Replied July 18, 2017, 5:06 PM EDT
Based on your additional photos we cannot say for sure why the foliage is discolored. Looks like something is sucking the chlorophyll but there is not enough information to accurately diagnose. The damage may be old and No control is recommended.

Baptisia is a tough plant. At this point plants are done flowering and are setting seed pods on established plants. Plants also flop this time of year and can look a little spent. It can take a few years to establish a good root system.

We recommend that you continue to monitor the plants for additional symptoms. Next season monitor the plant and send us photos as soon as you notice symptoms. See the attached link for more information

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