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mealy bug control #410800 - Ask Extension


mealy bug control #410800

Asked June 29, 2017, 7:56 PM EDT

Hello! I am noticing many more mealy bugs on my perennials and hydrangeas this year. Other than trying to squish them (they are fast jumpers!) or spraying with an insecticidal soap, do you have suggestions for getting rid of them? I usually get them on my hosta flower stalks, and often on old iris stalks...but this year they are everywhere. I am most concerned about them in the new buds of the hydrangeas. If I spray them with the soap will that cause bees and butterflies to not visit the flowers once they open? Thanks!

Howard County Maryland

Expert Response

If you are trying to squish and they jump or swivel around the stem, these are not mealy bugs but planthoppers.
That's good news because they are not a big deal and no control is needed.
Take a look at this page from our website:


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