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Eradicating Bamboo #410750 - Ask Extension


Eradicating Bamboo #410750

Asked June 29, 2017, 4:35 PM EDT

I have a 1/4 acres patch of bamboo on my property I must eradicate. It is invading into my yard , and into neighboring properties. In February I cut all of it down.( flush with the ground) I have been cutting every spout of at it base once a week before they get any leaves for the past few months. I have not used any herbicides yet as I've heard they're not effective. Will the ribosomes ever die from just cutting off all new growth. Can the ribosomes continue to grow underground without leaves above the ground? Are there any herbicides that can be used on the ground to kill the bamboo ribosomes. (There are no leaves to spray) What are your best recamendations to eradicate bamboo in a rocky wooded environment?

Frederick County Maryland

Expert Response

Wow. We are happy to hear of your commitment to getting rid of your big stand of invasive bamboo.
We can help.
You should allow the greens to grow for the summer. Non-selective herbicides can work but the timing is crucial. Hitting the new growth in the fall is key. That is when energy is directed down into the root system.
See this page from our website on Bamboo:


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