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Planting a perennial garden and replacing 30 year old overgrown shrubs #408913

Asked June 21, 2017, 7:22 PM EDT

I am debating taking out some 30 year old overgrown shrubs and planting a perennial garden in its place. The landscaper can do it next week but I wonder if it would be better to wait until fall when it is cooler and a greater selection of plants would be available. What is your opinion, please? Also HOW DO I GET RID OF INVASIVE BAMBOO? it is growing a few feet from my house foundation. I hate Roundup and it did not even work. :(

Baltimore County Maryland

Expert Response

You should consider planting now.  In the fall, you will have a lesser selection and this generally includes fall selections only.    You will have to keep the plants well watered up until the ground freezes.  Mulch with several inches of mulch and keep away from the base of the stems. See our publications and website for more information on planting 

Bamboo is invasive and there are no easy answers.

Bamboo removal is a two step process. Cut all the stalks to the ground and allow the new growth to emerge and develop leaves during the summer. In October spray the mature foliage with a non-selective herbicide containing glyphosate. (There are some glyphosate products labeled for bamboo). Repeat the application in 14 days. Follow all label directions and be careful to protect non-target plants from any over spray." This may need to be repeated for several seasons. Bamboo is semi-evergreen and has a waxy coating on the stems and leaves so a surfactant (helps the herbicide stick to the leaves) is advisable. If any bamboo is left alive, it will return. See our bamboo publication


Thanks for your response.

How do I find someone to take out the bamboo without spending a fortune?

The bamboo is also spreading very rapidly into the relatively new sedimentation cachement area next door to my yard.  It has spread over 30 feet into the drainage area in the last year and is rapidly going to compromise this space.
The Question Asker Replied June 22, 2017, 12:31 PM EDT
You will have to contact some landscape contractors that have expertise in bamboo removal. Unfortunately, we do not have contacts to recommend.

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