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Flower diseases? #407947

Asked June 18, 2017, 11:39 AM EDT

Black Eyed Susan have purple splotches on leaves...first time seeing this. Turks Head Tiger Lily got spots on lower leaves, turned black and stems turned black. First time last year. Still bloomed. Picked off all affected leaves this year. Full of buds, so far. Road side type Tiger Lily, all foliage is turning yellow. Just began blooming last week. I don't use any insecticides. I do have poor soil. I live in the woods. All plants are well established.

Cecil County Maryland

Expert Response

The first photo is a type of gall, which is an abnormal tissue swelling of plants which can be caused by tiny wasps or other insects. 

The yellowed leaf on your lily is a common disease called daylily leaf streak. You can just pull of affected foliage and dispose of them in the trash.


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