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No flowers on Linden tree #406141

Asked June 11, 2017, 12:03 AM EDT

We have a big tall Linden tree, but it does not grow any flowers. It has small green balls in groups and I am guessing they are the seeds. But it does not have any smell. I am not sure why does it not have flowers?
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Washington County New York

Expert Response

There are about 30 species of linden trees including the large shade tree American linden, (aka basswood or whitewood) (Tilia americana); the European native small-leaf linden (T. cordata); Crimean linden (T. x euchlora); European linden, or common lime (T. europaea); big-leaf linden (T. platyphyllos); silver linden (T. tomentosa); pendant silver linden (T. petiolaris); Carolina linden (T. caroliniana); and white basswood (T. heterophylla). The species T. cordata, T. platyphyllos, and T. petiolaris are all noted as having a powerful scent. It’s possible that the species of linden on your property has a scent that is less strong than that of some other species.


Linden flowers are small yellowish start-shaped blossoms that appear in late June and early July. If you are seeing seeds (the balls you describe), your tree is producing flowers, since the flowers develop into the fruits after they are pollinated.

Some additional information about lindens here:

NYBG Plant Information Service Replied June 12, 2017, 1:27 PM EDT

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