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Control of chiggers and ticks #404850

Asked June 05, 2017, 3:17 PM EDT

We have recently purchased a waterfront home in Anne Arundel Co. and have discovered that the yard and ornamental/natural brush areas are infested with chiggers and ticks. Many of the ticks we discovered had attached themselves to various family members and several of those that attached appear to be deer ticks. My question is what type of pesticide would be effective to control these pests with the least impact on aquatic life.

Anne Arundel County Maryland

Expert Response

Taake a look at our publication for information and control of chiggers

We approach control of pests like ticks with integrated pest management, which uses a host of decision factors to lessen the chance of toxicity problems to both the environment and people. We do not recommend broad spectrum, residual insecticide use for tick control as it disrupts the natural web of life, including many beneficials, and has the capacity to harm humans as well, and is only a temporary solution.

Our recommendations include keeping grassy areas mowed, widen brushy paths, keep bird feeders at the edge of your property as dropped seed can attract rodents or other animals which can be hosts. Deer are not the only host for ticks. They can feed on a variety of animals such as mice, birds, etc. When working or walking in these areas wear light clothing, tuck pants in socks, and apply repellent products containing deet or picaridin. Check for ticks after having been outside, take a shower, and wash your clothes immediately. Ticks can latch onto your clothes and look for a food source. See our publications on ticks for more information


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