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Dog Vomit Mold #404607

Asked June 04, 2017, 5:12 PM EDT

I am having a problem with a mold like substance in my mulch beds. It starts as a foamy yellow substance, then hardens. After it hardens, if you disturb it, it puts off a dark cloud. I have looked on the internet and the closest thing I can come to is Dog Vomit Mold. Have you seen this before, and can it be controlled without danger to people, pets or shrubbery?

Franklin County Kentucky

Expert Response

Dog Vomit Mold is a very common slime mold on mulch. There is no control, since it doe not pose a threat to people, animals, or plants.  If it is occurring in a high traffic area, the slime mold along with the colonized mulch can be removed by pitchfork. If left alone, the slime molds will turn black and disintegrate within a few days.

 Slime molds are fungus-like organisms (Myxomycetes) and live in cool, shady damp places such as the soil surface of lawns, on organic mulches, or on rotting logs. Slime molds feed on decaying organic matter, bacteria and fungi in the soil. They do not feed on green plants. Because slime molds grow on dead organic matter, they do not pose a direct threat to any plants in the garden. Slime Molds occur mostly during the spring during warm, wet conditions and may appear in the same location each year.

Adam Leonberger Replied June 09, 2017, 12:52 PM EDT

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