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flies on Rocket shrub #402503 - Ask Extension


flies on Rocket shrub #402503

Asked May 26, 2017, 6:54 AM EDT

Never seen this before but hundreds of flies eating at the tiny white flowers on the Rocket, problem is that its right next to the door and many fly in . Suggestions would be welcome thank you, Catherine

Talbot County Maryland

Expert Response

Are you referring to the Orange Rocket barberry?  

We're not sure what flies would be on a barberry; this is not a common pest for them.  A simple and practical approach is to take a hose and blast them. This may be all you need to do. Fies are not long lived and may be gone quickly anyway. You could also spray with a horticultural oil.

We have to add that barberry is considered a non-native invasive species in Maryland. Birds carry the berries into wild areas and parks. Deer do not eat barberry.  Consequently, our parks are quickly becoming full of these plants, which unfortunately also have been proven to cause higher numbers of ticks and, of those, higher numbers of Lyme disease infected ticks.  So, we cannot recommend planting barberry in the landscape.  Something to keep in mind when you are making future landscape choices. 


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